My husband cooks for a living and his clothes always smell, even after washing with natural detergent products.  Your washing soap is the only stuff that I have ever used that will actually get the stink out.  He has been cooking ever since I met him (15 years ago) and we are just now finding a natural solution that WORKS.  So thankful that I don’t hear him complain about his clean laundry stinking anymore. So glad to finally find something that gets bad odors out and cleans too. Thank you Mrs. Evans!

~Shannon McAbee, Asheville resident


My daughter Emma has had eczema on her hand for months now, and I’ve tried treating it with different topical ointments and it just doesn’t completely go away…not until I made the switch to laundering everything with Smart Ms. Evans soap! I noticed almost immediately an improvement, and now the eczema is completely gone. I didn’t change anything else, so I’m sure the detergent I was using before was irritating the skin. Girl, I LOVE your laundry soap.

~Casey Mock, Fayetteville resident


Do you have a success story to share about Smart Mrs. Evans products? Email us at smartmrsevans@gmail.com

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