About Us

Who is this Smart Mrs. Evans? Well that is up for some debate. The products are all handmade by Mrs. Rachael Evans and Mrs. Amy Evans of Asheville, North Carolina. Though Rachael and Amy are not related by blood (the last name thing is just pure magic), you might find it hard to believe when you meet them. Neighbors, friends, and the wives of two different Mr. Evans’, the ladies have and endless number of things in common, including a love of all things vintage and posh. And on any given day, you could make a case for which is the ‘Smart’ one and whom exactly is the “Queen of Clean.”

Rachael and Amy arrived at the soap recipe after much trial and error. Each wanted an alternative to store-bought chemical-filled laundry soap. Rachael loves all things DIY so she wanted to make it herself. Amy has many skin sensitivities and allergies (poor dear) and wanted something that would not irritate her delicate epidermis. But above all, they needed a soap that would clean the clothes of each Mr. Evans, both of whom ride mountain bikes, run, and just generally get dirty as boys tend to do. And both ladies wanted a soap that smelled positively delish. Quite a challenge!

Smart Mrs. Evans laundry soap fits the bill. It is so great, the ladies decided to bottle and sell it. And why pour it in some boring old plastic bottle that you want to hide away in a closet, when it could be so pretty you could give it as a gift? Why yes indeed! Everything in life should have a little luxury, even something as common as doing the laundry. Don’t you think?

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