Laundry can be a Luxury. If you want all natural laundry products made by the busy hands of crafty Ashevillians, welcome. You have found your home.

Smart Mrs. Evans makes laundry less of a chore with all natural laundry soaps, luxuriously scented with medicinal quality essential oils, that work like magic and are gentle enough for the most delicate complexions. Handmade in small batches, her soaps are super concentrated and safe for use with cloth diapers and in high efficiency washing machines. Beautifully packaged in ‘soap growlers’ (attractive glass bottles that can be returned, refilled and reused), it is at once environmentally friendly and as fabulous as old money.

Smart Mrs. Evans also makes herbal, all natural, reusable dryer sachets that infuse each dryer full of laundry with delight. Each sachet is made of reclaimed cotton fabric, double stitched for durability, and filled with a blend of locally grown herbs and flowers and can be used in 10 or more dry cycles.

Coming Soon! 100% Wool dryer balls that soften clothing, reduce static electricity and shorten dry-times, saving you time and money, all at once! And for those with a wool sensitivity, we will offer 100% cotton dryer balls, too.

Adding Smart Mrs. Evans’ laundry products to your weekly routine will have you exclaiming: “All-natural, environmentally responsible products that get cloths super clean, make them soft and fresh smelling, all while pampering sensitive skin and making doing laundry luxurious!?! That Mrs. Evans, she’s so Smart!”